Trust & Collateral

Trust & Collateral

At NodeSwap, we take trust very seriously. That is why we have implemented a unique collateral system for all assets owned on the platform.

How does it work?

One extremely important notion on NodeSwap is that each payments are used to purchase the masternodes and PoS coins offered on the platform.

To guarantee those payments, a certain amount of all contributions are put in a collateral by our Smart Contract. This is to guarantee that this amount will be refunded to our contributors in case of a default

If you know how to read the Solidity programming language, you can verify the conditions under which the funds collected by this Smart Contract are either allocated to NodeSwap, or refunded to each users accordingly to their investment in the platform. The beauty of blockchain: total transparency.

NodeSwap’s collateral system is unique in the crypto industry, by offering a protection no one else has ever offered before. Because we believe trust is the No. 1 priority that any responsible and sustainable company should have, we are proving that serving the interests of the crypto community is our main focus. Use NodeSwap with a complete peace of mind!