How it works

How it works

You don’t have a masternode and/or don’t even know where to start

Simply browse around to gather more knowledge about the different masternodes and PoS coins offered on the platform, study their project, historical numbers, current rewards, risk assessment, and build up your Supernode (portfolio) with the level of risk vs. rewards that you are willing to take.

Not really understanding it all and just want to roll with a winning strategy?

Check out the Shadow Leaders top ranking, pick one of the best performing users and just clone it.

You already own a masternode

You can transfer it to NodeSwap.

Transferring your masternode to NodeSwap gives you the following benefits:

  • Let NodeSwap run the masternode server and take care of its maintenance
  • Allow other NodeSwap users to buy portions of it or put it on sale entirely
  • Swap your masternode or portions of it for other assets in a few clicks only
  • Get incentives from time to time, given by NodeSwap on a regular basis
  • Plus all great offers and features to come in the future!

NodeSwap is a community

Becoming a member of NodeSwap will open you the door to a whole new world of possibilities with a strong community and access to exclusive opportunities not found anywhere else.

Easily convert your daily rewards into any masternode slots or PoS coins using our off-market private exchange, either manually or automatically depending on your preference, reevaluate your Supernode strategy anytime, optimize your returns by either following another winning strategy or by setting a new one yourself, etc. The possibilities are endless!