NodeSwap's team has built relationships with exceptional minds from various industries. With their knowledge and experience, these partners will help NodeSwap to get to the next level and achieve a sustainable growth:


Atato is a start-up Blockchain Services Company located in Bangkok, Thailand and established in 2017. Atato offers Blockchain, consulting, development, cloud architecture and security services.

In 2018, Atato developed the blockchain platform for Pacifical, 8 PNA Pacific Island nations and the associated Tokelau territory, with 25% of the world’s tuna caught in their waters.

This was the first large scale blockchain initiative within the 42 billion dollar tuna industry.


Node40 is a blockchain governance company and one of the biggest server hosting providers for the Dash network. They propose also Node40 Balance which feature a packed blockchain accounting service that brings the familiarity of services like QuickBooks or TurboTax to the world of digital currency.

Node40 Balance analyzes the blockchain and provides valuation data for all of your transactions. You annotate your transactions according to your real-world needs and Node40 Balance provides reports with your gains, losses, and income.

What makes Node40 Balance unique is the precision in which gains and losses are calculated. A simple FIFO strategy is not sufficient for dealing with digital currency transactions. Node40 Balance uses the true carrying cost and days held to calculate precise valuations that ensure you are not over-reporting your tax liability.

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