A revolutionary digital money system

Version 2.2 // Delivery Milestones

Dash Evolution will be the first user-friendly and scalable digital currency platform suitable for mass adoption. Because this is such an ambitious goal, we’ve created a detailed roadmap to guide development. Evolution will be launched in three stages. Each release will increase the processing power, ease of use, feature set, and scalability of the network.

DashCore 12.2 Release (September 2017), rehaul of networking code

2MB block size increase, activation in November 2017,2MB / 5MB block research documentation,Launch of a read-only/view-only portal for project documentation which will be open to the entire community (to ensure transparency),Lowering transaction fees 10x, activation in November 2017

13.0 - Evolution v1 - Mainnet

Public DashPay, DAPI, DashDrive, DashCore v13.0 release,Quorum-based DAPI implementation 4,Governance object support for users, groups, accounts,State transitions 6,Encryption of object data,Offices in Arizona, Europe (CORE), and Asia (Dash Labs),Age-based quorums 13,IPFS DashDrive implementation / Limited sharding ability,Official user-friendly Wallet,Masternode blocks 11,Multi-key spork technology 30

14.0 - Evolution v2

Fifth Hiring Wave - Full-time developers,Ability to move money between public and private accounts 5,Governance objects for multi-user accounts (multisig),Masternode redundancy planning 26,Automatic form filling for delivery addresses using encrypted blobs,Evolution marketplace / Add-ons / Rating system 25,Hardened entropy-based wallet seeding system 18

15.0 - Evolution v3

GPU based block accelerator,Masternode shares via governance objects