Simplifying Crypto

Improved Privacy Solution

As a replacement for the secondary ‘NavTech’ blockchain, a new privacy solution is being developed to work at the protocol level.

Increase Community Fund

Modifying the community fund contribution from 0.25 NAV to 0.5 NAV to retain the 80:20 ratio when static block rewards are activated.

Static Block Reward

Modifying the block reward from percentage based to static in an effort to increase network security and align NavCoin with the PoSv3 specification.

Cold Staking

Allowing for NAV, which are stored offline, to sign staking inputs that greatly increase the security of funds used for staking.

Community Fund

NavCoin’s Community Fund enables anyone to get paid by the network for their contributions to the NavCoin ecosystem. Projects are funded and approved by the decentralized network with no central authority.