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iOS Mobile Wallet

After months of rigorous testing, the long-awaited iOS PIVX Mobile Wallet was submitted, but then rejected by Apple. We are working through their feedback, so that we can resubmit it ASAP. In the meantime, try the Coinomi Wallet for MAC which accepts PIVX.*While the iOS mobile wallet has not yet been approved for the Apple app store, the source code can be found on the PIVX iOS GitHub.


PIVX has already pioneered privacy in Proof of Stake (PoS), and the continued development of efficiency, security, decentralization, and ease of use. Bootle’s work with bulletproofs will mean that individual’s privacy within cryptocurrency will be greatly enhanced. (something more natural), What does this mean for PIVX?,PIVX’s Zerocoin proofs, or transaction size, will become a fraction of their current size.,PIVX will be able to achieve a trustless Zerocoin setup.

zPIV for Mobile

– zPIV everywhere. – PIV + zPIV backup from one single mnemonic code (deterministic key generation – BIP44 & BIP39). – Light nodes zPIV sync. – First world wide zerocoin protocol for light nodes.

In Wallet Proposal Tab

Users will be able to easily perform all PIVX governance functions from within the QT wallet’s graphic user interface. There will be no need to access websites or vote from the debug console.

In Wallet Voting Tab

Users will be able to easily vote for all PIVX proposals from within the QT wallet’s graphic user interface. There will be no need to access websites or vote from the debug console.

New Website

The website will undergo a complete redesign with a clean and modern interface update. There will be a major brand update of the wallet and website, using similar typography to unify the new designs.

Elastic Block Sizes

Block size adjusts on demand to ensure the fastest transactions possible, even during peak periods and network attacks. PIVX will be able to scale alongside mass consumer adoption.

Community Designed Governance

In 2017, masternode owners unanimously voted to redistribute voting power. Currently, only masternode owners can vote. Several CDG proposals have been submitted, and will be voted on, and the winning proposal will be implemented as PIVX’s system of governance.

I2P Network Integration

I2P Network Integration,I2P is an anonymizing network that uses a fully decentralized peer-to-peer model. It has many key technical advantages over other models such as TOR, and is much faster, secure, and robust.

Dandelion Protocol Integration

Dandelion Protocol makes senders’ IP addresses virtually untraceable. Transactions relayed to nodes go through a random number of hops in the “stem” phase, and are symmetrically broadcast to more nodes in the “fluff” phase. Even if an attacker identifies the location of the fluff phase, it is much more difficult to discover the original source IP of the stem phase.