Private financial transactions,enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol

Dandelion: Privacy Enhancing Routing

Dandelion is a new transaction broadcasting mechanism that routes transactions in such a way that makes it hard for an eavesdropper to find the origin of the transaction. This reduces the chance of users having their IP address tied to a transaction even if they aren’t using Tor. Dandelion Routing: 1. Construct n-regular privacy graph 2. Stem Phase: Route messages through the privacy graph 3. Fluff Phase: Route messages by diffusion

User Interface Overhaul

Zcoin is moving away from the old QT GUI that was used in Bitcoin to use a totally new GUI based off Vue.js. This allows much more flexible design of the GUI. The GUI is intended to educate the user on proper use of the wallet along with its privacy features along with presenting a clean and fresh look. Zerocoin handling in the GUI will also be vastly improved that would prevent users from doing activities that may compromise privacy such as mixing old funds with those that are created from Zerocoin spends.

MTP Release on Mainnet with Block Time Halved

MTP, our next gen proof of work algorithm, will be launched on Mainnet and Zcoin’s block time will be halved to 5 minutes for faster response time.

Zerocoin v2: Improving Zerocoin usability, privacy and scalability

Zerocoin v2 will be the final improvement in Zerocoin before moving to our next-gen privacy protocol. Proof sizes will be reduced from 25 kb to 10 kb with verification and proof times also halved. Additional denominations will be introduced to encourage Zerocoin use on smaller amounts.

RAP: Receiver Address Privacy

RAP will allow users to share one static public address that will route transactions to brand new addresses to preserve privacy. Unlike other stealth address implementations, RAP will work on light wallets.

Whitepaper for Next-Gen Privacy Protocol

Zcoin will release a whitepaper detailing its next-gen privacy protocol that uses new zero knowledge proof schemes that do not require trusted setup and with improved performance and privacy. The aim is to have a system which is privacy on by default.